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We monitor websites regularly - to check if the sites are UP or DOWN. We also check website performance (response time). Our website monitor will check any URL - http or https.

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Internal site monitoring (over a local connection) can never provide a complete end-to-end test. We provide the independent website monitoring service you need. Our monitor site service is a valuable tool for Webmasters and anyone else who wants to monitor a Web service - whether hosted internally or by an ISP. We also license our system to people interested in running their own independent monitoring service.

Our Service

Our Service


We email you when your site goes DOWN - using regular email or SMS (Short Message Service) text messages to your pager, mobile phone or cell phone.


We monitor your site regularly with options of from every 30 minutes up to every 5 minutes.


We give you confidential online reports of your website performance (uptime, downtime, response time) summarised by month with breakdowns by day.


We give outstanding support to all our users. We explain in detail any HTTP errors for your website. We examine patterns of DOWN time to help identify sources of website problems.


Please look at our sample accounts below to see the type of statistics you get. If you have several URLs to monitor, we give you your own check group to make access to your accounts easier. Please look at our sample group D1.

Free 90 Day Trial

We offer a FREE 90-day trial of our service. This is a full trial (runs in exactly the same way as a live account).

A week before your trial expires, we contact by email to see if you would consider our live service. You can also convert to our live service at any time during or after your free trial.

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A live CheckUpDown account only costs US$75 per year. We also offer 'check group' accounts (a group of 5 accounts or more) for our users who want to monitor multiple sites/URLs. If you want more than 5 accounts in your check group, additional accounts are charged at the same rate of US$75 per annum.

Please contact us if you would like to consider opening live monitoring accounts.

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CheckUpDown is a trading name of Appadu Software Limited (established 2014)

You can visit our main company web site at

We welcome any enquiries you may have. Thank you for visiting our Web site.

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