Website Monitor

We monitor websites regularly - to check if the sites are UP or DOWN. We also check website performance (response time). Our website monitor will check any URL - http or https.

Internal site monitoring (over a local connection) can never provide a complete end-to-end test. We provide the independent website monitoring service you need. Our monitor site service is a valuable tool for Webmasters and anyone else who wants to monitor a Web service - whether hosted internally or by an ISP. We also license our system to people interested in running their own independent monitoring service.

HTTP Experts

We are the number 1 ranked site on HTTP errors in almost every search engine on the planet. Go to your favorite search engine and type in the search term HTTP error 500 to see what we mean. You will see that a CheckupDown web page page explaining that error appears right up top in the search results. If our monitor website service detects a problem, we report the HTTP errors in your personal monitoring account. We email you when your site goes DOWN - using regular email or SMS (Short Message Service) text messages to your pager, mobile phone or cell phone.

We give you confidential online reports of your website performance (uptime, downtime, response time) summarised by month with breakdowns by day. These statistics help you monitor service levels e.g. to monitor SLA (Service Level Agreement) with users or your ISP.

We give outstanding support to all our users. We explain in detail any HTTP errors for your website. We examine patterns of DOWN time to help identify sources of website problems. As a CheckUpDown user you get unlimited technical support when you need it. Our customer satisfaction is reflected in a very low turnover of live accounts.

We have been operating on the Internet since the year 2000. Our site history is available here.

A comment from a recent live user: BTW, you provide an excellent service. I looked around for something that did what CheckUpDown does, and found only a few. The others I found were either grossly overpriced, required software to be installed, or (and this is my favorite) ran as a service on the web-server itself. That's a good one because the server can only tell me if it's down, if the service to tell me that is up. Anyway, your service is simple, clean, and affordable. Kudos to you...

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