003 - Undefined HTTP status code


任何客户端 ( 例如您的浏览器或我们的 CheckUpDown 机器人 ) 在和您的网络服务器通讯时,都需经过以下循环:

  1. 从您站点的 IP 名称 ( 即您的网页地址 - URL, 不带起始的 ‘http://') 获得一个 IP 地址。这个对应关系 ( 即由 IP 名称向 IP 地址转换的对应关系 ) 由域名服务器 (DNSs) 提供。
  2. 打开一个 IP socket ( 套接字 ) 连接到该 IP 地址。
  3. 通过该 socket 写 HTTP 数据流。
  4. 从您的网络服务器接受响应的 HTTP 数据流。该数据流包括状态编码, 其值取决于 HTTP 协议 。 解析 该数据流得到 状态编码 和其他有用信息。

This error occurs in the final step above if our CheckUpDown robot receives an HTTP status code that it simply does not recognise.

Reasons for 003 errors

Your Web server may return a data stream that is incorrect in terms of the HTTP protocol. The status code it returns may be invalid (one not defined in the HTTP protocol) or the HTTP data stream may be fundamentally corrupt. The HTTP protocol is very clearly defined, so it is highly likely that this kind of error is defective programming by the developers of your HTTP server software.

Similar defective programming may exist in our software. The data stream your Web server sends may be correct, but we fail to parse it correctly. This could be a pervasive bug in our software, or one linked only to particular versions of the HTTP protocol.

Resolving 003 errors

There is nothing you as a user can do to resolve 003 errors you see on your CheckUpDown account. They are entirely due to differences in the interpretation of the HTTP protocol between our software and your Web server software.

Please contact us directly (email preferred) whenever you encounter 003 errors. Only we can resolve them for you. Unfortunately this may take some time, because we have to analyse the underlying HTTP data streams and may have to liaise with the vendor of your Web server software to agree whose programming is defective - ours or theirs.